Frequently asked questions

What is the IMAGINE Media Lab?

IMAGINE Media Lab is a multimedia and podcast rental studio for all your content creation needs. Record your podcast, voiceovers, audio advertisement for radio, design graphics, record and edit video/audio, use software to create digital essentials your business needs, and share on all your business platforms. The possibilities are endless!

Here at IMAGINE Media Lab, in partnership with WBCRVA, your creativity comes to life! Just imagine what you will create with the right equipment, resources, and assistance. Grab your inspiration and let us know what you want to create in the media lab. Use the media lab to record voiceovers for your videos, or edit your existing videos.

What does my hourly rental provide me access to?

Your hourly rental provides you access to audio equipment, camera equipment, Adobe Creative Suite applications, softbox lighting, black backdrop, green screen backdrop, and more. Visit our equipment page for list of what is in the media lab: Equipment.

Do you offer remote services?

Yes. We offer remote services such as post-production editing on your videos, podcasts episodes, audio editing for broadcast, such as radio, and more.

A few ideas of what you can create in our multimedia studio:

Record audio using our equipment (voiceovers, podcasts, screen recording)

Greenscreen for your videos

Create professional livestreams

Create tutorials and courses

Videos for YouTube

Film interviews

Rent our equipment*